ROUTE 4 - Bighorn Pass Variation

Variation Description

Bighorn Pass VariationBighorn Pass (11,240 ft/N 37º 27.961', W 118º 51.933') separates Laurel Lake (ROUTE 4) and Rosy Finch Lake (ROUTE 5), making combination of segments of these two routes straightforward. Bighorn Pass is most easily approached from the direction of Grinnell Lake, climbing Class 2 northeast to southwest on any of several ramps (the lines of snow rising right to left). Descend the west side to the northwest.

Alternatively, climb directly from Laurel Lake northwest to the pass, although the terrain is considerably more challenging, especially the headwall above the lake.

Bighorn Pass can be used in combination with Shout-of-Relief Pass (ROUTE 5) to cross the Silver Divide.