ROUTE 5 - Rohn Pass Variation

Variation Description

Rohn Pass VariationRohn Pass (11,220 ft/N 37º 28.458', W 118º 52.761') crosses the Silver Divide just 0.35 mi WNW of Shout-of-Relief Pass, between Bighorn Lake and the Tully Lake basin. After skirting Mott Lake to the south and east, cross the North Fork of Mono Creek heading northwest initially, then cut back northeast to the south end of Bighorn Lake, bypassing steep terrain at that end of the lake. Pass Bighorn Lake on the east and climb Class 2 terrain to the pass at the north end. This crossing is not much different from Shout-of-Relief Pass and enters the same basin, though the initial descent on the north side is a bit steeper.

Although somewhat less pleasant terrain, it is also possible to make a Class 2 ascent from Mott Lake to the obvious notch northeast of the lake, reaching a small, unamed lake, and then contour northeast to the south end of Bighorn Lake. This is probably a better (safer) option during early season high runoff conditions as it avoids any major stream crossings. Approaching this way, it is tempting to take a more direct route to the pass, over the shoulder on the west side of Bighorn Lake. This requires careful route finding to keep the descent northwest of the lake Class 2.